RCB Notice Accounts (35 Days / 90 Days)

RCB Notice Account is an interest bearing savings account. It allows you to enjoy attractive interest rates for short term savings. Withdrawals are permitted free of charge after a 35 or 90-day notice depending on the chosen account type and currency.

RCB Notice Account is offered to all clients of the Bank in four major currencies (EUR/USD/GBP/RUB). For EUR accounts only 90-day notice is possible. The minimum amount which must be deposited upon opening is 100.000 EUR, 1000 USD/GBP or 70.000 RUB. After opening with the minimum amount, the balance of the account can vary upwards or downwards without any limit. The interest earned on the account will be credited in the Notice Account every month.

Deposits into the Notice Account are allowed in the form of transfers from the client’s current account. For any withdrawals from the account, a 35 or 90 days written notice must be given to the Bank, depending on the type of notice account held. Each notice for withdrawal is valid for 7 calendar days after the declared withdrawal date. Withdrawal amount will be transferred to the depositor’s current account.

RCB Notice Account cannot be used as a payments account meaning Direct Debits, bank cards and cheque books cannot be linked to the account.

Key benefits
  • The flexibility to add to the savings
  • Monthly interest capitalization
  • Attractive interest rates
  • Access to deposited money if needed (with notice)