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Cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 79.6580 84.3180
EUR CHF 1.0445 1.0911
EUR USD 1.1450 1.1850
EUR GBP 0.8337 0.8583

Non-cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 81.1986 82.3659
EUR CHF 1.0605 1.0722
EUR USD 1.1623 1.1723
EUR GBP 0.8428 0.8489

RCB Telephone Banking

RCB Telephone Banking gives you access to information about your accounts, transactions, and any other information regarding RCB’s product and services from anywhere in the world by phone.

The service is provided by a dedicated team, in English, Greek and Russian. RCB Telephone Banking can be reached at the following numbers:

+357 25 355722 (for calls from abroad)

800 00 722 (toll-free in Cyprus)

800 62 722 (toll-free in Luxembourg)

8 800 100 7722 (toll-free in Russia)

    Opportunities offered by RCB Telephone Banking

    Comprehensive information support on:

    • The Bank’s products and services, as well as the terms and conditions of their provision;
    • RCB Online Banking;
    • RCB Mobile Banking;
    • Addresses and working hours of the Bank’s branches and ATMs;
    • Actual balances on accounts and banking cards;
    • History and current status of transactions;
    • The amount of credit limit used on your card;
    • RCB Digital Wallet and Apple Pay;
    • Acquiring Services - POS Terminal support;
    • Deposits and relevant interest rates;
    • Currency conversion rates.

    Additional services:

    • Activating or blocking an RCB card;
    • Changing your daily limits and/or cash withdrawal limits on either your main or supplementary card;
    • Modifying the settings for SMS alerts on RCB cards;
    • Assistance with other issues related to products and services of the Bank;
    • Leaving your comments and/or suggestions on the quality of service at the Bank.
      Advantages of RCB Telephone Banking


      • Two-level customer authentication system guarantees absolute safety and confidentiality of client data. The same credentials are used for authorization in RCB Telephone Banking as in RCB Online Banking.


      • Apart from a wide range of transactions, RCB Telephone Banking offers you expert assistance with many other matters relating to the Bank’s services.

      Saving you time

      • There is no need to visit a branch of the Bank. RCB Telephone Banking enables you to obtain financial information from anywhere in the world.

      No extra costs

      • RCB Telephone Banking is available at no extra charge to any of the Bank’s clients who have applied for access to RCB’s remote services. Toll-free telephone lines are provided for Cyprus, Luxembourg and Russia.
    Subscribing to RCB Telephone Banking

    RCB Telephone Banking is offered as part of remote banking services, which include RCB Online Banking and RCB Telephone Banking.

    The same credentials are used to authenticate the client both in RCB Telephone Banking and RCB Online Banking:

    • 6-digit User ID;
    • 6-digit Password (PIN).

    To obtain the credentials you simply submit the following applications to the Bank:

    • Application for RCB Electronic Banking Services;
    • Application for Remote Identification.
      Using RCB Telephone Banking

      You can get access to the full range of RCB Telephone Banking services after going through a process of authentication: calling one of the phone lines and entering your User ID and Password (PIN) with the help of an interactive voice menu and tone input via the keypad of your phone.

      Once authentication is successfully completed, your call will be put through to an employee of the Bank who will provide all the necessary information.