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Cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 79.8986 84.5586
EUR CHF 1.0445 1.0911
EUR USD 1.1450 1.1850
EUR GBP 0.8337 0.8583

Non-cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 81.3155 82.4780
EUR CHF 1.0586 1.0702
EUR USD 1.1575 1.1675
EUR GBP 0.8414 0.8476

RCB Online Banking

Whatever the time and wherever you are in the world, RCB Online Banking gives you the opportunity to obtain information about your accounts and bank cards, submit requests / applications and perform standard banking transactions conveniently and securely, and all this without visiting the Bank’s branches, all that is needed is a computer and access to the internet. Access to RCB Online Banking is provided free of charge once you open an account.

RCB Online Banking is a safe, fast and convenient service providing access to your banking accounts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Functionality of RCB Online Banking

The RCB Online Banking system allows you to:

  • Obtain the following information:
    • Balance on accounts and bank cards;
    • Account transaction history and the status of those transactions;
    • Available deposit accounts and applicable interest rates;
    • Amounts owed under loan agreements and repayment schedules;
    • Securities portfolios, their composition and current value;
    • Current exchange rates;
    • Compile account statements for periods of your choosing and export these as Excel or PDF files.
  • Perform the following operations:
    • Transfer funds to accounts with other banks or to accounts held by other clients of RCB;
    • Schedule future transfers and payments, including by using transaction details saved earlier as templates;
    • Transfer funds between own accounts and exchange currency;
    • Top up balances on RCB bank cards;
    • Set up or amend standing orders;
    • Manage fixed-term deposit accounts (reduce or increase the size of the deposit).
  • Use additional services:
    • Submit requests /applications for the issue, activation or blocking of your primary or supplementary cards, for the issue of chequebooks and banker’s drafts and for the suspension of cheque payments;
    • Set up and manage lists of payees - other RCB clients who receive payments from you;
    • Maintain two-way contact with the bank via a messaging system;
    • Change RCB Online Banking access passwords.
  • Additional functionality of the RCB Online Banking for corporate clients        
    • Management of multiple accounts of different entities of a group or holding with RCB Digital Key and user credentials;
    • Expanded payment functionality: the opportunity to compile payment orders and continue working with them subsequently at a later stage;
    • A special “Bulk payments” function allows you to submit payment orders as a “package”, for subsequent processing by the Bank. Transfers between a client’s accounts, transfers in favour of other clients of the Bank and external payments are all possible under a “Bulk payment”;
    • The RCB Online Banking system offers a mechanism to set various authorization levels, dependant on the type of transaction and a transaction's value, allowing a company more granular control over transactions e.g. one authorized user can create a payment order while authorization from another authorized user (or more than one) is needed before such payment can be executed.
  • RCB provides two levels of security to protect transactions performed via remote service channels. In order to log in to RCB Online Banking, an access password known only to the user and RCB Digital Key, powered by Entrust® IdentityGuard Mobile Soft Token application is required. RCB Digital Key is also required in order to confirm a transaction.
  • RCB Online Banking uses modern and effective methods to protect information submitted online. All information is transferred via a special, protected channel. In addition, the system also contains additional security functions, such as:
  • Automatic system disconnection if the client is inactive for a certain period of time;
  • The opportunity to examine the dates and times of previous logons;
  • The opportunity to change RCB Online Banking access passwords regularly;
  • The opportunity to exchange messages with the Bank via RCB Online Banking’s protected channels of communication.
The advantages of RCB Online Banking
  • Security: RCB Online Banking uses a dual system of security that relies on an access password and an additional RCB Digital Key powered by Entrust® IdentityGuard Mobile Soft Token application.
  • Accessibility: RCB Online Banking is available 24/7.
  • Saving time: No need to contact the Bank’s branches.
  • Functionality: Most standard bank transactions can be performed using RCB Online Banking.
  • Convenience: By saving the details of earlier transactions as templates, it just takes several clicks to repeat these transactions.
  • Flexibility: The opportunity to perform deferred transfers or set up standing orders, making routine transactions automatic.