RCB Acquiring Services

Accepting card payments in today's competitive market is a necessity for businesses. RCB is the only Acquirer Bank in Cyprus offering premium payment processing solutions. RCB Acquiring Services allow the businesses to accept payments from multiple cards’ brands such as VISA, VISA Electron, VPay, Mastercard, Maestro as well as Apple Pay and Android Pay digital wallets.

Contact an RCB relationship manager today to start your payment processing with RCB Bank.

Advantages of RCB Acquiring Services
  • Fast and reliable transaction processing - quick and safe transactions improving the customer experience;
  • Same day funding - settlements of your daily transactions are credited daily to your account allowing to use funds instantly via a linked corporate card or make payments and transfers via RCB Online Banking and RCB Mobile Banking;
  • Transparent pricing - A seamless e-statement generation with a clear breakdown of fees for easy reconciliation of point of sale transactions;
  • One Stop Banking - RCB Acquiring Services give you access to a wide range of Bank’s products and services including lending solutions, SEPA payments and transfers etc.;
  • Easy onboarding - it is easy to connect to RCB Acquiring and benefit from all advantages it offers;
  • Online account management tools - with RCB Acquiring Services, your transaction activity is synced to your bank account, which you can access through the 24/7 RCB Online Banking and RCB Mobile Banking;
  • Dedicated merchant support - each merchant has a dedicated relationship manager to handle any queries in addition to 24/7 RCB POS Terminal Support.
RCB Acquiring features

    Available POS terminals:

  • Mobile GPRS/3G terminal
    • No need for the customers to queue;
    • Allows to take a card reader with you around a large showroom, store or for home deliveries.
  • Desktop terminal
    • Suitable for fixed points of sales;
    • All it requires is a cable Internet connection;
    • Can be integrated with the electronic cash register system.

    Supported transactions:

  • Face to Face Transactions - Payment transactions are accepted via chip, contactless and magnetic stripe;
  • MoTo Transactions - Specific type of transactions where the card is not present via Mail Order or Telephone Order;
  • Pre-authorization Transactions - Ability to pre-authorize your customers upon their booking or purchase order.

    ECR integration options

    If your customers pay at a fixed point of sale, your wired terminal can be integrated into your ECR (Electronic Cash Register) infrastructure and back office systems providing the following benefits and efficiencies to your business:

    • Faster checkout for enhanced customer payment experience;
    • No need for manual input via simple automation;
    • No more multiple receipts and waste of paper;
    • Accurate reconciliation with the ECR.
Basic pricing parameters
  • Transactional Fee Rates - Commission-based charge per each transaction;

    RCB Acquiring services - Transactional Fee Rates

  • Subscription Fees - Monthly maintenance fees charged per terminal;
  • Flat fees - On-boarding, out of contact support or queries, customisations, etc.

    We offer at no additional cost:

  • Terminal installation and connection;
  • Comprehensive on-site training for you and your staff;
  • Periodic statements and analytical reports of your daily activity;
  • Inward and discounted outward charges to your daily SEPA payments;
  • Bank account opening and no annual maintenance fee;
  • RCB Visa corporate card linked to your account;

Commissions and charges for RCB Acquiring Services are reflected in the Acquiring Services Agreement. Contact an RCB relationship manager for more details on the RCB Acquiring Services packages and rates.

Guidelines and client support

Dedicated relationship manager is allocated to every client. Our technical support is available 24/7 and includes RCB Telephone Banking team and POS engineers.

RCB POS Terminal Support

Working hours (CY time) Languages available Services available
08:00 to 21:00 on workdays English
Actual balance on your accounts and bank cards

History and current status of the transactions posted to your account

Card transaction support

Technical support
24/7 including weekends and public holidays English
Telephone support of the POS terminal
08:00 to 24:00 on weekdays, weekends and holidays English
Onsite support of the POS terminal

To reach RCB POS Terminal Support, call 8000 0722.

Data Security and PCI Compliance support - RCB provides training, guidance and ASV (Approved Scanning Vendor) scanning support to help you manage your compliance with PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standards.

Instructions for the proper usage of POS terminal can be found in the
Card Acceptance Manual.

Description of the most common transactions through POS terminal and problem solving solutions are available in the Quick Reference Guide.

Why start accepting electronic payments with RCB Acquiring Services?
  • High speed processing systems and network reliability;
  • Transparent and competitive pricing packages;
  • Tailored merchant service and support;
  • Security - proactive monitoring and dedicated data-security team.