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Cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 83.5764 88.3764
EUR CHF 1.0733 1.1213
EUR USD 1.1800 1.2200
EUR GBP 0.8448 0.8693

Non-cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 85.5811 86.7742
EUR CHF 1.0850 1.0969
EUR USD 1.1881 1.1981
EUR GBP 0.8526 0.8587

Key benefits and competitive advantages

Fast and reliable transaction processing
Quick and safe transactions improving the customer experience.
Same day funding
Settlements of your point of sale transactions are credited to your account daily allowing to use funds instantly via a linked corporate card or make payments and transfers via RCB Online Banking and RCB Mobile Banking.
Transparent pricing
A seamless e-statement generation with a detailed report for easy reconciliation of point of sale transactions.
One Stop Banking
RCB Acquiring Services give you access to a wide range of Bank’s products and services including lending solutions, SEPA payments and transfers etc.
Easy onboarding
By signing a Merchant Acquiring Agreement you can enjoy the benefits and advantages RCB Bank offers.
Online account management tools
With RCB Acquiring Services, your transaction activity is synced to your bank account, which you can access through the 24/7 RCB Online Banking.
Dedicated merchant support
Each merchant has a dedicated relationship manager to handle any queries in addition to the 24/7 RCB POS Terminal Support.