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Cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 88.6469 93.3613
EUR CHF 1.0492 1.0963
EUR USD 1.1586 1.1986
EUR GBP 0.8891 0.9168

Non-cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 89.9924 91.1741
EUR CHF 1.0649 1.0768
EUR USD 1.1767 1.1867
EUR GBP 0.9018 0.9087

Cash@POS Transactions

Purchase with cash withdrawal at an RCB POS Terminal

Cash@POS is a transaction feature allowing cardholders to withdraw cash from their card account during a purchase transaction at a store, at no additional fee.

By tapping a debit card during a purchase, the RCB POS terminal provides the option of cash withdrawal, up to €100, while merchants can define specific amounts for further convenience (i.e. €20, €50) and speed up the checkout process.

The new Cash@POS service improves the shopping experience and increases client satisfaction, as it gives the opportunity to consumers to obtain cash at the comfort of the merchant point they are, without the need to find the closest ATM.

Key characteristics

  • Maximum cash withdrawal is €100 per day. The merchant can set specific amounts (up to 4 options).
  • Cash@POS service is eligible by all Mastercard debit cards. For credit cards, the issuing bank decides whether Cash@POS is allowed.
  • A merchant can offer this service only for face-to-face / card present transactions verified by PIN, acting just like an ATM.

How Cash@POS service works

Cash@POS service features and benefits

  • Reduces cash handling operational costs.
  • Provides value-added service to both merchants and consumers.
  • Improves customer experience.
  • No cash withdrawal fee for the cardholder.
  • No more searching for an ATM.
  • Saves client’s time, as they can combine purchasing and withdrawal transactions.
  • Safe and convenient way to obtain small amount of cash.

For more information, please call +357 25 355722 (from abroad), 800 00 722 (toll-free in Cyprus) or 8 800 100 7722 (toll-free in Russia).