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Cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 88.7416 93.5332
EUR CHF 1.0891 1.1370
EUR USD 1.1779 1.2179
EUR GBP 0.8580 0.8833

Non-cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 90.1506 91.3472
EUR CHF 1.0958 1.1078
EUR USD 1.1916 1.2016
EUR GBP 0.8627 0.8690


RCB Bank is introducing a contactless sticker rcb2pay


RCB Bank launches another innovative product – rcb2pay, a contactless payment sticker. It is a convenient means of payment and an alternative one to banking cards. rcb2pay allows for quick payments in a convenient and secure way.

The contactless sticker rcb2pay is as an additional payment tool which can be issued with your RCB Visa credit or debit card. The contactless sticker provides access to your main card account. You can use rcb2pay for non-cash purchases in retail outlets, but it cannot be used for online payments or for withdrawing cash. Depending on your financial needs, you can set a daily transaction limit for rcb2pay by contacting RCB Telephone Banking.

You can easily place rcb2pay on your mobile phone or any other accessory by removing the cover of its sticky reverse side. For example, rcb2pay will transform your mobile phone into a secure contactless payment device. To complete your purchases, you do not have to worry about having cash or a banking card or even entering a PIN when paying for purchases worth up to 20 euros. If the purchase exceeds 20 euros, the PIN will then be required. Just place your contactless rcb2pay over the contactless reader and get your receipt!

rcb2pay stickers have the same advantages as the contactless RCB Visa cards. In other words, you can make purchases in less than a second at all point-of-sale terminals featuring the contactless symbol.

For more information, please contact RCB Telephone Banking: 800 00 722 (toll-free in Cyprus), +357 25 355722 (for calls from abroad) or 8 800 100 7722 (toll-free in Russia).

Yours faithfully,
RCB Bank Ltd