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Cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 87.5903 92.3399
EUR CHF 1.0796 1.1271
EUR USD 1.1674 1.2074
EUR GBP 0.8505 0.8756

Non-cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 90.1339 91.3305
EUR CHF 1.0937 1.1057
EUR USD 1.1916 1.2016
EUR GBP 0.8650 0.8713


RCB Bank changes the POS Contactless PIN limit during COVID-19


RCB Bank announces the change of the POS Contactless PIN (Card Verification Method) limit fr om 20EUR to now 50EUR within RCB Bank POS terminals network as a next immediate measure due to the COVID-19 outbreak in order to support health and safety, both for those who are at the frontline servicing customers as well as for the consumers.

This action aims to provide further convenience for faster payment checkouts without the need for PIN to be inserted in the machines. The Card holders will be able to use contactless payments to a larger extent as the pin code will not be required on any transaction less than the new specified amount of 50EUR.

The change of the new specified lim it is effective immediately supported for all VISA, American Express and MasterCard.