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Cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 88.7416 93.5332
EUR CHF 1.0891 1.1370
EUR USD 1.1779 1.2179
EUR GBP 0.8580 0.8833

Non-cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 90.1506 91.3472
EUR CHF 1.0958 1.1078
EUR USD 1.1916 1.2016
EUR GBP 0.8627 0.8690


RCB Bank brings the Spirit of Christmas on Stasikratous street


RCB Bank has this year partnered with the Nicosia Municipality and has “adopted” Stasikratous street for the holidays, bringing new Christmas lights and decoration to the capital’s busiest high street.

Following a total revamp, Stasikratous street has become a gem in the heart of the capital and a central shopping point for Nicosia residents and not only. The new Christmas decorations and lights, sponsored by RCB Bank will add to the magic of Christmas and the New Year’s shopping experience and elevates the street into an ideal option for walks with loved ones. The specially designed mega Christmas ball has already become a central point for selfies as pedestrians simply walk in to enjoy its sparkling lights.

In an effort to brighten up the grey mood of the pandemic, RCB Bank has also enhanced the decorations in Eleftheria square with the addition of new mega sized Christmas snowmen, animals, reindeers and other decorative figures. Celebrating 25 years in Cyprus, RCB Bank’s gesture in bringing the Christmas spirit to the capital of Cyprus is accompanied by its warm wishes to all Cypriots for a safe and happy Christmas and a prosperous, brighter 2021.