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Cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 87.5092 92.3108
EUR CHF 1.0726 1.1206
EUR USD 1.1804 1.2204
EUR GBP 0.8535 0.8785

Non-cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 89.2389 90.4397
EUR CHF 1.0920 1.1040
EUR USD 1.1958 1.2058
EUR GBP 0.8596 0.8658


New commissions and charges for corporate and individual international clients


Dear Clients,

We would like to inform you that, with effect from the 3rd of October 2018, RCB Bank introduces new fees for new corporate and individual international clients. Please note that for existing individual and corporate international clients the new fees will be effective as of 3rd of December 2018.

All other Commissions and Charges of the Bank remain unchanged.

Corporate clients
Individual clients
Account opening
200 EUR
100 EUR
Account closure
100 EUR
50 EUR
Minimum average account balance (accounts with balances below minimum will be closed) 5.000 EUR 1.000 EUR
Account maintenance 480 EUR p.a., charged monthly 180 EUR p.a., charged monthly
Account monitoring fee (applicable only to High Risk clients) 4.200 EUR p. a., charged monthly (if average monthly balance is above 2 m EUR including securities, 50% discount is applicable to non-financial companies) 600 EUR p.a., charged monthly (if average monthly balance is above 2 m EUR including securities, 50% discount is applicable)

The average monthly balance is calculated as the sum of daily credit balances (at the beginning of each day) in all client’s accounts with the Bank during the month divided by the number of calendar days in the respective month.

In case you do not agree with the new fees, you have the right to close your account at no cost before the implementation of the new rates.

It is understood that it will be considered that you have accepted the new fees, if you do not notify the Bank for not accepting them before the implementation on 3 December, 2018.

You can obtain more detailed information by calling one of RCB Telephone Banking numbers: +357 25 355 722 (calls from abroad), 800 00 722 (toll-free in Cyprus) or
8 800 100 7722 (toll-free in Russia).