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Cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 84.1947 88.9475
EUR CHF 1.0618 1.1093
EUR USD 1.1682 1.2082
EUR GBP 0.8919 0.9195

Non-cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 86.3855 87.5713
EUR CHF 1.0701 1.0819
EUR USD 1.1808 1.1908
EUR GBP 0.8977 0.9046


Measures for COVID-19 following CBC announcement


With regards to the current measures of the Government implemented with respect to COVID-19, RCB Bank Ltd is closely monitoring the situation as it develops. Given the extraordinary circumstances, the Bank is ready to support its clients and borrowers facing temporary difficulties when the need arises.

Following yesterday’s announcement by the Central bank of Cyprus and the recommendations made to banks, RCB Bank Ltd, like all Cyprus banks, is waiting for the respective CBC circulars which will specify the details pertaining to the recommended measures that were announced.

It should be reminded that RCB Bank, as previously communicated, has already taken measures to support its clients. The Bank has canceled ATM cash withdrawal commissions for RCB cardholders from any ATM of any bank in Cyprus. In addition, the Bank has waived the acquirer fee of the Acquiring Services transactional commission until June 1st 2020 for existing merchant clients.

RCB, as a financially strong and sound local Bank, remains committed to the continuous support of the Cyprus economy and will continue to have the interests of its clients and the country in general at the epicenter of its operations.