RCB Bank Ltd is firmly committed to comply with the requirements of the Governance and Management Arrangements Directive of 2014 and the Fitness and Probity Directive of 2014. For this aim RCB Bank Ltd has been consequently implementing a number of policies and procedures to avoid conflicts of interests, to ensure effective oversight by the Board of Directors over the senior management, to set remuneration and bonus payment in line with the market practices, to establish and maintain reliable financial reporting process, information security and to keep the risk appetite within acceptable limits.

RCB Bank Ltd acknowledges that a diverse and inclusive culture is an integral component of its business. To this end, RCB Bank Ltd takes measures to promote diversity among its personnel, senior management and the Board of Directors, taking into account gender, age, educational, professional and geographical background of its officers and employees. 

The Board of Directors checks on the effectiveness of disclosure and communication process as well as RCB Bank Ltd governance arrangements on a regular basis. 

Code of Business Conduct and Corporate Values

Diversity Policy