RCB Gold and RCB Classic Packages

RCB Bank Ltd has introduced two new comprehensive banking packages: RCB Gold and RCB Classic, offering the Bank’s individual clients greater flexibility in managing their funds.

Choose the package that best suits your financial needs.

RCB Gold

RCB Gold offers exclusive access to the Bank’s premium products and services. RCB Gold is designed for clients that need a wide range of services and/or perform a large number of banking transactions. For a monthly fee of 12 Euros, a client is granted access to the full range of the Bank’s premium products and services at preferential rates. RCB Gold is the premium package for day-to-day banking.

RCB Classic

RCB Classic – pay for the Bank’s products and services as and when used. RCB Classic does not impose a monthly relationship maintenance fee or charges for the main RCB debit card. Other products or services are charged only if used. RCB Classic provides a path into the world of high quality banking services.