RCB Bank Ltd invites you to enjoy convenient access to your bank account in Cyprus by using a Visa card.

Wherever you are, whenever needed, a Visa card is a convenient and reliable means of paying for goods and services. RCB Visa cards can be issued in 4 different currencies, EUR, USD, GBP and RUB, linked to your RCB account in the respective currency. RCB Visa cards are available within both RCB Gold and RCB Classic banking packages. The contactless sticker rcb2pay is as an additional payment tool which can be issued with your RCB Visa credit card.

RCB Visa cardholder is also granted with membership to the RCB Club which allows its members to benefit from an extensive privilege program, offering preferential pricing at the establishments of RCB Club participating partners.

RCB Bank Ltd cards give the flexibility to adjust your limits on individual transactions, including high-ticket purchases. With the free SMS-Notice service, you will be able to monitor your card account activity in an easy and convenient way directly from your mobile phone.