Corporate bank cards

RCB Bank Ltd issues and provides services for corporate Visa bank cards. RCB’s corporate bank cards provide a convenient way to cover executive, business and travel expenses in any country in the world. For these bank cards, you can set an individual expenditure limit, as well as a cash withdrawal limit.

RCB’s corporate bank cards offer you the option of flexibly changing your limit for one-off transactions to reflect your ongoing requirements and the requirements of your company, allowing for large-value purchases. With free SMS-Notice service, you will be able to monitor the card account activity in an easy and convenient way directly from your mobile phone. 

As the holder of an RCB bank card, you will possess a modern means of payment and be granted access to a number of additional privileges through the RCB Club programme. Discounts and special offers are available only when using your RCB bank card to pay for goods or services.