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Cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 70.4734 74.9970
EUR CHF 1.0983 1.1436
EUR USD 1.1109 1.1509
EUR GBP 0.8439 0.8699

Non-cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 72.3760 73.5047
EUR CHF 1.1182 1.1261
EUR USD 1.1252 1.1322
EUR GBP 0.8504 0.8568

Bank Guarantees

A Bank Guarantee is a one-way contract between a Bank acting as guarantor and a beneficiary. Under this contract the bank undertakes to make payment to the beneficiary within the limits of a stated sum of money, if the beneficiary’s counterparty (i.e. the applicant for the Guarantee) fails to fulfill its contractual obligations to the beneficiary in accordance with the terms of the underlying agreement between them. In such a case the beneficiary can make a demand for payment to the Guarantor bank.

The advantages of Bank Guarantees

Using Bank Guarantees as a security instrument in trade business offers clients a number of advantages:

For a buyer (importer):
  • Provides a buyer the opportunity to count on more lucrative contractual terms from the seller, given that the risks of a commercial transaction for a seller are reduced when a buyer provides a guarantee;
  • A Bank Guarantee acts as additional confirmation of a buyer’s financial sustainability;
  • A Bank Guarantee offers an alternative to an advance payment or serves as a guarantee that a prepayment will be returned.
    • For a seller (exporter):
      • Limits the potential risk that a buyer may fail to make payment under a contract;
      • Using bank guarantees makes it possible to expand a sales market by reducing the risk of non-payment by counterparties with whom a seller does not have sufficient experience of cooperating.
Guarantee operations performed by RCB Bank Ltd
  • Issuing, upon request of clients of RCB Bank Ltd, the following types of bank guarantees and counter-guarantees, providing for cash settlement:
    • Payment guarantees;
    • Performance Bond guarantees;
    • Advance Payment guarantees.
  • Advising of guarantees issued by other banks in favour of clients of RCB Bank Ltd.

When carrying out guarantee operations the bank abides by the terms of "The Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees", as amended in 2010, issued by the International Chamber of Commerce and is referred to as URDG 758.

Basic parameters of guarantee operations

Issue of Bank Guarantee on cash covered basis

0,083% monthly, min. 0,25%

Issue of Bank Guarantee within a credit limit

0,15% monthly, min. 0,45%

Extension of Bank Guarantee on cash covered basis

0,083% monthly

Extension of Bank Guarantee within a credit limit

0,15% monthly

Amendment of Bank Guarantee

50 EUR (per amendment)

Cancellation of Bank Guarantee before approval

20 EUR

Bank Guarantee advising

0,1% min. 50 EUR, max. 100 EUR

Advising an amendment of Bank Guarantee

50 EUR (per amendment)