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Cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 69.9349 74.4213
EUR CHF 1.0912 1.1361
EUR USD 1.1016 1.1416
EUR GBP 0.8808 0.9094

Non-cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 71.2203 72.3395
EUR CHF 1.1133 1.1245
EUR USD 1.1142 1.1242
EUR GBP 0.8897 0.8968


RCB First: new savings product for your children


Dear clients,

RCB Bank extends its range of long term savings products and launches RCB First, a savings account designed specifically for minors. It allows saving for the future, while enjoying a very attractive interest rate and monthly interest capitalisation.

RCB First is an account offered in EUR, USD and GBP. The minimum amount required to be deposited upon opening is 1.000 EUR/USD/GBP. After opening, you can add any amount, any time up to the maximum amount allowed, which is 250.000 EUR/USD/GBP. Interest is paid into the account on a monthly basis.

Funds can be withdrawn only when the minor becomes 18 years old. If necessary, you may be able to withdraw funds before majority age by obtaining a court order.

Key advantages:

- A very attractive interest rate
- Monthly interest capitalisation
- The flexibility to add to the account any amount, any time, enjoying the same preferential rate

Annual interest rates:

EUR 1,75%
USD 1,65%
GBP 1,55%

For more information about the product, please contact RCB Telephone Banking:
800 00 722 (toll-free in Cyprus), +357 25 355722 (for calls from abroad) or
8 800 100 7722 (toll-free in Russia).

Yours faithfully,
RCB Bank Ltd