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Cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 73.0300 77.5604
EUR CHF 1.1147 1.1600
EUR USD 1.1126 1.1526
EUR GBP 0.8688 0.8963

Non-cash Transaction

Currency Buy Sell
EUR RUB 74.4947 75.6210
EUR CHF 1.1295 1.1373
EUR USD 1.1228 1.1298
EUR GBP 0.8732 0.8801

FATCA overview

The Cyprus government has entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement (“IGA”) called “The Agreement Between The Government Of The United States Of America And The Government Of The Republic Of Cyprus To Improve International Tax Compliance And To Implement the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (“FATCA”)”. As a result, Cypriot financial institutions, such as RCB Bank Ltd are required to take several actions in order to ensure FATCA compliance. 

FATCA obligations require Cyprus financial institutions to identify financial accounts held by U.S. residents or U.S. citizens, or by entities that are organized in the US or controlled by one or more U.S. persons, as defined in the IGA, and to report those accounts to the Tax Department in Cyprus which will forward this information to the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) of the United States. 

RCB Bank Ltd is committed to comply with all FATCA provisions at all times and as a Foreign Financial Institution (“FFI”) under FATCA, has registered with the IRS and has been assigned the following Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN): GP5LEV.99999.SL.196 

RCB Bank Ltd/Luxembourg Branch has been assigned the following GIIN: GP5LEV.99999.BR.442 

For the IRS list of all FATCA registered FFIs, please visit the IRS website: IRS FFI List